We ship currently to Europe. US and other locations, please contact us: wholesale@paikka.pet. Also, you will always get FREE SHIPPING for all orders valued 1 000 € or more. 

Shipping fees

At the moment, we ship to the following countries and regions:

Germany and Austria:

  • For orders valued less than 1000 , shipping is 10€.
  • For order values over 1 000€ shipping is free. 

Rest of Europe: 

  • For orders valued less than 500, shipping is 30€.
  • For orders valued over 500€ but less than 1 000€ , shipping is 10€.
  • For order values over 1 000€ shipping is free. 

Shipping times and carriers

For EU shipments the estimated arrival times are between 7-10 business days.  

Customs fees

Our products will be sent from our warehouse located in EU. Usually, there are no customs fees or taxes inside the European Union, but if there are for some reason, you will have to pay for them in full when the package arrives to you. We're very sorry about this, but unfortunately, customs fees are out of our hands. Outside European Union customs fees or taxes may apply.

Any questions? 

We're always here for you (well not always, we do need to sleep at night) so if anything seems to have gone wrong with your order, please let us know immediately and we'll fix it. You can contact us via email at wholesale@paikka.pet